School of Baking

Baker’s Wallet School of Baking

Join Baker’s wallet school of baking and get an experience of a lifetime. Learn the fundamental tips and techniques to improve your confidence in the bakery. We do not only train you to be a baker, but we also offer after school support until you can stand on your own confidently.

Level 1

In level 1, we explore the different methods of cake making, looking at butter cakes, oil based cakes, and quick cakes. We then prepare cake toppings and learn how to apply them to freshly baked cakes. We also learn how to make:

- Vanilla sponge cakes
- 3 types of Chocolate cakes
- Red velvet cakes
- Madeira cakes
- Cupcakes and scones
   And many more

Level 2

In level 2, we learn to make fruit cakes that can last up to 5 years. We use fondant, color it, cover and decorate the cake. We also learn to carve cakes from basic tin cake shapes to different personalized novelty cake designs like cars, handbags and many others. At this level, we also make sugar flowers including the rose (a symbol of eternal love, peace and serenity)

Level 3

At this level, more advanced wedding cake decorations are done especially following current trends. One is taught how to stack tiered wedding cakes and more sugar flowers. At the end of this level, one is left to decorate their own wedding cake as the final test before graduation.